Aluminum Landscape Edging UAE


Lawn edging are an important design element for the garden. They provide a visual boundary for lawns and other spaces. In addition, they ensure that your lawn does not spread uncontrollably into adjacent beds.

With ALST ultra-strong aluminum lawn edging, you are opting for a particularly robust solution for this purpose, with which you can count on a long service life for your lawn and bed edging.

The ALST ultra-strong aluminum lawn edging is designed to be used in a sustainable manner, deep separation, aggregate retention and raised bed application with extra durability and depth.

ALST Landscape edging gives garden beds a professional look, much like how a good lawn edger adds polish to the overall appearance. Landscape edging also keeps weeds and roots from creeping in where you don’t want them, and ensures that mulch, gravel, and soil stay intact in frost and heavy rain.


Aluminum. Alloy 6063 T6 (Extruded) Natural mill Finish

Weatherproof and rustproof due to high quality

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Plastic Landscape Edging is also available.

  • Gives professional look
  • Keeps weeds and roots from creeping
  • Stay intact mulch, gravels and soil
  • Ideal for Straight lines, curves and corners
  • Strong enough so will not break or fracture
  • Long life, Heavy Duty and durable
  • Easily Worked
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